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John Moore Biography

For over twenty years I have worked as a freelance photographer, photographing actors, musicians, politicians, and simply interesting people.

Photography is always a collaboration. Whether it’s between the photographer and the subject or the photographer and the light, there is always the element of creating something together. I like to plan as many elements of the shot as possible, but always leave some space for the unexpected moment that can make a good photograph turn into a great one. I love the challenge of meeting someone for a brief amount of time and finding the intense rapport that allows you to make a memorable picture.

Since I finished studying photography at Swansea Art College, my work has featured in numerous publications including The Sunday Times, The Independent, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Metro and Evening Standard. I’ve also worked on several feature films and TV dramas producing on set photographs, numerous educational projects and various corporate assignments. Clients have included the BBC, Birkbeck University, Kingston University as well as charitable projects with Amnesty International and Kids Company

In addition to this I’ve produced and directed several short promotional films and documentaries covering subjects as diverse as dance culture, orchestras and coal mining. I love the chance this gives me to combine story telling with compelling images.

Every image has a story to tell.